Meet Our Leadership Team

Dr. Rev. Mark Brodbeck

Pastor Mark has now joined us as a North American Lutheran Church clergy member.   Pastor Mark is familiar with the St. Paul Lutheran Church family of believers.   He knows their servant hearts and desires to support others in good or bad times.

Pastor enjoys preaching God's Truth from the Holy Bible.  He hopes that sermon messages help you in daily living for Jesus.  

Those who know Pastor Mark also know he likes the Cincinnati Reds baseball, golf, reading, and the church munch and mingle meals.

Pastor's wife,Barbara, is also very active in the church, also serving
as the church communication director (handling the web site, newsletter and the community Yodel announcements).

Pastor and Barbara are always eager to meet new people; share in their joy and laughter; and work with all as followers of Jesus.

You can reach the Pastor by texting or calling:

Teresa Lyons – Administrative Assistant

Since September, 2016, Teresa has served as the Administrative Assistant. Her story is explained briefly here. She writes: "I knew growing up God was with me, but I never realized what that meant until I lost my husband and mother. God has given me the strength to go on with my life and be there for my children and grandchildren. He has given me a new family (my church family). If it wasn't for my husband passing away I would of never sought out the work at the church. God does work in mysterious ways." Along with enjoying her personal family, Teresa likes to go bowling with friends!!

Church President for 2024 is Deb Heifner.