Children & Teen Ministries

Do you have a young reader in your home?  Check this out...
Get a copy of the "Early Reader's Bible" by Gilbert Beers.   Help your kids to read and learn God's Word at the same time! does carry this Reader's Bible!  Teach them young about our amazing God!

What teens need today!

* Teens need Christian models and mentors.
* Teens need community. A place where they can be encouraged in the right ways.
* Teens need mission. They can bring friends to youth group to hear the message of Jesus!
* Teens need Bible understanding and God's Truth. Leaders can help answer their questions.
* Teens need a safe place to confide. They need a healthy place to seek life's answers.

If you enjoy working in teen ministry, let us know!

Children Ministry

We are working in advancing in our Children Ministry program. When special events are planned, you will be sure to know this on our web page! Our church library has some wonderful books for YOUR use, that help children in their Christian growing up! Anything from crafts, and family activities that teach about the Bible.

Does your child have a Bible suitable for their age? Let us show you more about this!

Teaching your children about Jesus who offers them love and hope for their life now and always!